Contributions to the peruvian government

Between 2001 and 2018, LAP transferred US$ 2,408​ million to the Peruvian Government in concession fees, taxes and transfers to public entities.

An important fact is that concession fe​es amounted to 46.51​​​​% of LAP's gross revenues; i.e., for each invoiced dollar, 46.50​​ cents must be transferred to the Peruvian Government, irrespective of whether revenues are realized or not. For its part, the Government uses an important part of these funds to subsidize airports in other parts of the country.

In addition, 50% of invoiced receipts from international landings and takeoffs is transferred to Córpac S.A., as well as 20% of the international Unified Tariff for Airport Use (TUUA). Additionally, LAP pays 1% of its gross revenues as a regulatory rate to the agency in charge of supervising investment in transportation infrastructure for public use (OSITRAN).