Jorge Chavez International Airport will be kept closed throughout the entire quarantine period
The Peruvian government has decreed a state of national emergency, so the airport will be closed for the entire period of isolation and there is no access to the public. For flight rescheduling, please contact the airlines through their website or digital channels.

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I want a VIP service

​​VIP service for executives

Our VIP service has been designed to serve executives of the main companies of the country, businessmen, celebrities, public figures and anyone who wants to enjoy the facilities that this service provides. All are attended exclusively by a team of highly qualified supervisors, who are always attentive to make your trip a pleasant moment. The philosophy of the "VIP Service" is based on personalized and professional attention aimed at coordinating the travel arrangements of the passenger, upon arrival and departure of the Airport.


  • ​​Access to the first road of the Airport. (Private parking).
  • Personalized attention in travel procedures 24 hours a day. Upon arrival: Assistance in Migrations, Customs, etc. At the exit: check-in, exclusive entrance to the passenger area, assistance in Migrations, among others.
  • Wait in the elegant VIP lounge at our Airport.
  • Catering service.
  • Authorization of entry of a visitor to receive or dismiss the passenger.

For more information about the "VIP Service" and the rates, please contact Ms. Nani Muñoz at​ or phone (511) 517-3410.

Artists service

For more information about the "Artist Service" and rates, please contact Ms. Nani Muñoz at or phone (511) 517-3410.