Phase 2

Phase 2 of the airport’s expansion, launched in January 2009, included:

  • Expansion of the International Concourse by 8,850 m2; construction of seven new departure lounges; installation of seven additional PLB; and opening of four new commercial franchises.
  • Expansion of the Central Concourse by 5,301 m2. The immigration areas located there were enlarged; and six and four new arrival and departure control positions, respectively, were put in place. The security control area was reconfigured and five new commercial outlets were inaugurated.
  • Expansion of the Domestic Concourse by 4,146 m2. Five new departure lounges were built there; five new PLBs were installed; and four new commercial franchises are currently operating.
  • Internal remodeling of the Central Tower and reinforcement of the terminal to make it fully earthquake-resistant.
    Enlargement of the South Platform by 12,000 m2.
  • Construction of an exit taxiway to allow cargo aircraft to reach their parking positions more rapidly in the airport’s south area.

The construction works for phase 2 of the expansion of JChIA were inaugurated in January 2009 in the presence of President Alan García and Mr. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Fraport, LAP’s main shareholder. LAP thus complied with all the terms stipulated by the Peruvian Government in the concession contract for the 2001-2008 Initial Period.