​¿The State has already delivered to LAP all the land for the expansion of the Airport?​​

No. In April 2013, the Ministry of Transport and Communications made a partial delivery of land. The delivery of an area of 2,961,486.88 m² is still pending, which crosses Av. Néstor Gambetta.

On July 25, 2017, Lima Airport Partners and the Ministry of Transport and Communications signed Addendum 7 to the Airport Concession Contract. This latest update allows the Government to comply with the Concession Contract in relation to the delivery of 100% of the land, free of interference, necessary to build the New Airport and, in turn, to start Phase 3 of the Concession.​​

​​¿What works LAP has done with this partial delivery of land?

The Airport Development Program, which includes Phase 3, includes a series of studies carried out by LAP in 2015 and 2016. However, the core of the Program began in 2017, with the completion of the field studies and the preparation of the Application for Proposals and Project Agreement for the main construction works, which are managed as a megaproject.​

¿​What are the next steps of this mega project?

To date and during this year, we are advancing with all the necessary processes to be able to carry out this expansion within the foreseen terms; such as the bidding process for the construction of the New Jorge Chávez International Airport, the approval of the Modification of the Environmental Impact Study (EIA), among others.

​​​​​¿What works includes the expansion of the Airport?

The expansion of the Airport includes the construction of the second runway, greater number of parking spaces for aircraft, taxiways, a new passenger terminal, a new cargo terminal, additional access to the airport, among other facilities.​​

¿When will the second landing and take-off runway ​be ready?

The second landing and take-off runway will be ready four years after receiving 100% of the land from the Peruvian State.

​​​Like LAP, we are working hard to get the runway ready in 2021 and the new airport to come into operation by 2023 at the latest.

¿What are the benefits that the airport expansion project will bring?

The infrastructure and greater capacity that Jorge Chávez International Airport will show in the future will allow to receive more passengers and airlines that wish to fly to Peru and will improve the connectivity to any region of the country.

In addition, it will be an important source of work that will energize the airport sector and the surrounding communities.