Quality​ Policy

Lima Airport Partners S.R.L., administrator of the Jorge Chavez International Airport, ensures that its current operations and activities, aimed to the development of the expansion project, can be efficiently carried out for achieving our customers’ satisfaction and creating value for our related stakeholders, consequently, LAP is undertaken to:

​• Provide services of the highest quality standards, exceeding the expectations of our passengers and customers and enabling the company’s growth.

• Ensure the enforcement of the applicable legal, statutory and  contractual requirements as well as other commitments executed by LAP, promoting their compliance by suppliers and contractors.

• Manage the risks and opportunities identified in the processes to achieve the expected results and to reduce the negative effects. 

• Provide a work environment improving the professional and personal development of our workers, based on an equal opportunity environment, generating commitment to permanent improvement.

• Promote an innovation culture in the process management through the quality management system by integrating economic and technical aspects with a clear approach to continuous improvement.

• Responsibly manage the suppliers’ chain in order to ensure the quality of their services, promoting the application of the highest standards and sustainable practices in their operations.​

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Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Lima Airport Partners S.R.L. (LAP), administrator of the Jorge Chavez International Airport, and responsible for the development of the JChIA Expansion Project, has implemented an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) compatible with other management systems of the company, considering security integration as one of the fundamental principles to achieve the objectives of the organization, consequently, LAP is undertaken to :

• Prevent occupational injuries, ailments, diseases and incidents from all workers of LAP, by eliminating the dangers, reducing the occupational hazards and achieving the continuous improvement of its OSHMS.

• Ensure consultation and participation of workers and their representatives in the OSHMS.

• Promote healthy working conditions as well as healthy habits of workers in their workplace.

• Comply with the legal requirements, the voluntary programs, the collective bargaining, and other requirements established by the organization.

• Involve all the stakeholders (customers, contractors and subcontractors) of LAP in preventive management.​

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Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

Lima Airport Partners S.R.L., administrator of the Jorge Chavez International Airport, ensures that its current operations and activities related to the expansion project can be carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner with the environment and the related stakeholders, consequently, LAP is undertaken to:

• Manage the organization, ensuring ethical, transparent and responsible behavior that strengthens the confidence of investors and stakeholders.

• Promote strong relationships with our main stakeholders and implement an open and continuous dialogue to gather their perceptions and expectations.

• Contribute to sustainable development through pollution prevention, waste management and rational use of resources, establishing continuous improvement processes which may integrate the extension of good environmental practices. 

• Comply with the legal applicable environmental requirements, promoting their fulfillment by our contractors.

• Transmit the environmental protection and conservation principles to all levels of the company.


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​​LAP Carbon Footprint 20​14​​

Here you can download our Sustainability Report 2015​​