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Compliance LAP

​​​​Maintaining our reputation as one of the best airports in the region is a decisive competitive factor for our operations. Therefore, we refrain from anything that could be detrimental to the community and reputation of LIMA AIRPORT PARTNERS S.R.L. (LAP), as well as continue with our transparent culture and ethical behavior.

To reinforce our compliance culture, as a company that acts under ethical principles, since 2015 LAP implemented a Compliance System with the objective of preventing the commission of crimes of fraud, corruption, money laundering, financing of terrorism and unfair competition. A fundamental part of this System is the Compliance Policy which establishes appropriate guidelines that allow the proper functioning of the Compliance System and serve as a guide for LAP employees in their daily activities.

Lima Airport Partners does not tolerate and rejects the commission of the crimes, thus prohibiting and punishing its collaborators, suppliers and customers incur in these acts that affect the ethics, morals and values of LAP.

Code of Conduct:

Our purpose as LAP is to conduct business with honesty, integrity, and in accordance with ethical standards and complying with local laws and regulations, in compliance with the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our actions, fundamental to guarantee the sustainability of the Company. That is why we promise ourselves not to commit acts that attempt against ethics and we reject the commission of the crimes of corruption, fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism and unfair competition.

As part of our Compliance System and to guide us in our corporate identity, LAP has designed a Code of Conduct, which contains the basic guidelines to consider in order to build, maintain and promote ethical behavior associated with the values of the Airport. ​​

CodeofConductLAP (Ingles).PDF​​​​​

Code of Conduct for Suppliers:

In accordance with our Compliance System and values, we have set high standards to carry out our activities in a sustainable manner over time from a social, economic and ecological point of view.

In view of this, LAP intends that all contractors, service providers and, in general, any supplier of goods and / or services develop their activities in strict compliance with current regulations, the highest quality standards and the principles established in the Code of Conduct for Suppliers. ​ 

Code of Ethics - Código de Conducta.pdf

Whistleblower Channel:

As part of our Compliance System, LAP has established a Whistleblower Channel (managed by an independent third party - BKMS System) that allows any person to report irregularities involving LAP collaborators and / or other companies, and to put risk to the organization, both in its finances and in its reputation.

The Whistleblower Channel protects the identity of the person reporting the irregularity, maintaining its anonymity, if it so decides. You only need to create an anonymous email account that will allow you to send and receive information. It is not in LAP's interest to identify who reports the problem, but to know what the problem is.

This system should be used to report any incident related to the following aspects:

• Corruption.

• Robbery/ Fraud, Scam or Deceit/ Documents forgery.

• Breach of occupational health and safety standards.

• Breach of values and principles of LAP.

• Breach of the airport security regulations.

• Other violations of laws.​​

Please read carefully the "Security Warning" instructions. Once received, a committee will assess the case and send you a reply.

To access the Electronic Report System, please click here.