Ética y Canal de Denuncias

To keep our reputation as one of the best airports in the region is a very important competitive factor for our operations. Therefore, we reinforced our ethic culture based on transparency and integrity in every business, avoiding everything that could affect LIMA AIRPORT PARTNERS S.R.L (LAP) community and reputation.

To keep our culture, as a company based on ethical principles, LAP have a Compliance Management System, which main objective is to prevent crimes such as fraud, corruption, money laundering, financing terrorism and unfair competition. LAP fulfills with the Anticorruption Peruvian law N° 30424 and ISO 37001 (Antibribery System).

As a result, we have a Code of Conduct, which established the right guidelines for every LAP worker in their daily activities to avoid any non-ethical action.

LAP hopes that every contractor, service provider and any other supplier develop their activities in a very strict ethical behavior, following the highest quality standards and principles established by the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

As part of our Compliance Management System, LAP has established a Whistleblower System that allows any person to report any activity against the rules and ethical principles that involved any worker from LAP or from other companies related to LAP. This is an anonymous system which protects the complainant’s information.

This system must be used to report the following:

• Corruption
• Fraud/Robbery
• Violation of laws against data protection and confidentiality
• Infringement to the Occupational Safety and Health rules
• Infringement to the Values or LAP’S principles
• Other laws infringements