Jorge Chavez International Airport will be kept closed throughout the entire quarantine period
The Peruvian government has decreed a state of national emergency, so the airport will be closed for the entire period of isolation and there is no access to the public. For flight rescheduling, please contact the airlines through their website or digital channels.

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Special assistance

The airport is designed to provide appropriate facilities for all users, in compliance with National Construction Regulations-
Architectural Adaptation for Disabled People and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Along these lines, the airport's elevators, payphones, parking lot, toilets, access ramps, etc. have been specially adapted to this end.


Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility

If wheelchairs are required, they must be requested to your airline in advance to the flight.

In compliance with the legislation in place, there are preferential lines for boarding or leaving aircrafts.


Emergency medical service

Provided 24 hours a day by the following institutions:

- Sanidad Aérea (an agency of the Regional Government of Callao): provides medical services to passengers. Located at the ​domestic arrivals area, first level.

- Cardio Móvil: provides emergency medical assistance.

                            For further information, please visit the Information Module located at the international arrivals area, first level.


Important phone numbers

Information Module
T : (511) 5173500 / 5173501


                             T : (511) 5173999

                             T : (511) 5173545 / 5173546