Airport Tariff

Airport Tariff or Unified Tariff for Airport Use (aka TUUA) is related to t​he different services provided by LAP to the passengers at the Jorge Chavez International Airport, during the process of boarding passengers and handling baggage and courier.

DOMESTIC TUUA US$11.53 S/.38.28

 Tax included.

TUUA for domestic or international flights is currently included in the airline tickets. For further information about the TUUA, please check the following links: 2020​ Access Fee and charges ;FAQS​​​​


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TUUA Revalidation


As established by OSITRAN (Resolución de Consejo Directivo No. 011-2008-CD-OSITRAN; Oficio No. 813-08-GS-OSITRAN), TUUA reuse (rehabilitation) is allowed in the following cases:

  1. Flight delay or cancellation resulting from Foreign Object Damage (FOD) at Jorge Chávez International Airport.
  2. Flight delay or cancellation resulting from Wildlife or Avian Hazard at Jorge Chávez International Airport.
  3. Bomb alert at Jorge Chávez International Airport.
  4. Closure of destination airport.
  5. Inability to board an aircraft due to health problems, duly certified by the airport's in-house physician (Cardio Móvil) or a physician from the International Air Health Department; or confirmed by the aircraft captain.
  6. Detention or determinant delay due to homonymy problems raised by the migration authorities.
  7. Flight delay or cancellation due to confirmed weather conditions.
  8. Flight delay or cancellation due to issuance of a NOTAM by the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC).
  9. Flight delay or cancellation due to damage on the airport runway.
  10. Suspicion of illicit drug trafficking (IDT) by swallowing, resulting in detention and transfer of passenger outside the restricted area of Jorge Chávez International Airport; and later clearance of IDT suspicion. The passenger will be allowed to resume boarding, as it was interrupted by factors beyond her/his control (valid since 01.02.2009).
  • If you leave the restricted area of the Jorge Chávez International Airport, you will have to pay the amount of the TUUA in order to re-enter, except in the cases of TUUA revalidation.