Licensed taxis

AirportVan Express

AirportVan Express provide van transfer service to/from Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Most comfortable vans with plenty spacious. Authorized access to the second lane allowing a quickly and safe service close to the arrival terminal gate.


You will find our counters at International and Domestic Arrival

Reservations: +511 219-0280

Domestic Counter: +511 517-1892


Exclusive transfer to VIP executives and tourist in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

Late model luxury sedans with authorized access to the first lane in order to ensure the best service.

You will find our counter at International Arrival


Reservations: +511 219-0266 / 219-0277

International Counter: +511 517-1891


Preferential transportation services for first-level officials and visitors. The company seeks to offer the best transportation solutions, providing modern and luxury cars and ensuring safety, integrity, and respect. Customers are taken directly from the international arrivals area to the vehicles without having to exit the airport building.

International Arrivals


Phone: +511 517-1893 / 517-1895

Taxi 365

Modern and safe vehicles. Pick ups and transfers to the airport.

Qualified staff ready to provide comfortable service.

You will find our counters at International and Domestic Arrival


Reservations: +511 219-0271


International Counter: +511 517-1876

Domestic Counter: +511 517-1881


Taxi Directo

​​For your convenience, you can find an authorized -taxi counter located inside the terminal - International & Domestic Arrivals.

A fleet of modern, spacious and comfortable vehicles.


Telephone: +511 711-1111

RPC/Whatsapp: 989067006 /986646351



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Taxi Green

Transportation services from/to the airport in modern vehicles. Second-track access. Sales points within the airport's domestic and international arrivals areas.

International / Domestic Arrivals


Phone: +511 484-4001
Email: /