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Airport Express Lima

​​​​​​​​Airport Express Lima is the Official Bus service of Lima Airport and is the safe and cheap way to get to or from the Airport. Luxury buses, Free Wi-Fi, security cameras, USB chargers and no baggage limits. Every bus contains Tv´s and semi-bed seats. Fast. Frequent. Cheap.


The service has 17 departures per day from the Airport to Miraflores and from Miraflores to the Airport (07:30 - 23:30).​


You will find counters at International and Domestic Arrivals or book your seat via WhatsApp.​​


WhatsApp: +51 958130950

Telephone: +511 446-5539 (07:30 - 23:30 hrs)



Taxi 365

​​​​​Modern and safe vehicles. Pick ups and transfers to the airport.

Qualified staff ready to provide comfortable service.

You will find our counters at International and Domestic Arrival


Reservations: +511 219-0271 / Whatsapp:  +511 934865776


International Counter: +511 517-1876

Domestic Counter: +511 517-1881


​Fanpage: ​​​​​​

Taxi Directo

​​The official taxi service. Cheap and Fast. The most qualified drivers. FInd us inside the airport at International & Domestic Arrivals.

A fleet of modern, spacious and comfortable vehicles.


Telephone: +511 711-1111

RPC/Whatsapp: +54 9866 46351

APP: for IOS and Android as Taxi Directo


Web: ​

Fan Page:

Taxi Green

​​Transportation services from/to the airport in modern vehicles. Second-track access. Sales points within the airport's domestic and international arrivals areas.

International / Domestic Arrivals


Phone: +511 484-4001
Email: /