Departure protocol


  • Every passenger must carry a disposable surgical mask at all times, face shield or safety glasses.
  • All passengers must show their identity card, boarding pass, or their flight reservation to enter the airport. Preferably in a digital way.
  • The body temperature will be taken at the entrance of the terminal. Passengers with temperature higher than 38°C will not enter.
  • The entrance to the airport will be carried out in the following way:
    • Pedestrian entrance: Gates 1 and 2 (next to Faucett InOutlet)
    • Vehicular access by the freeway: only for passengers. Without cost.
    • To enter the terminal, check the door that corresponds you.
      • Passengers with checked baggage, the entry is through doors 7 and 9.
      • Passengers with hand luggage, door 11.
      • Passengers who require special assistance, door 8.

If you need to check-in, you can do it in the counter of your airline, if you do not, head to the entrance to board.



  • With your boarding pass at hand, head to the entrance of the boarding lounges. Place your boarding pass through the scanner machine. (TUUA)
  • In the security control, the passengers will be instructed to comply with the correct placement of their belongings prior to the inspection.
  • The use of trays is only for items outside of your hand luggage, like clothes or big electronic items. The smaller items like watches, bracelets, and cellphones must be included inside the hand luggage.
  • It is not necessary to remove your footwear.
  • When boarding, the line will be formed respec​ting the social distancing signs on the floor.
  • The passengers must place their boarding pass through the scanner machine to avoid contact and the exchange of documents with the airline staff.
  • When boarding, the passenger must follow the security protocols. Regarding international flights, additionally, the airline will request the necessary documents for your flight:
    • Each passenger is responsible of checking the requirements of the destination country.
  • • After each flight, the boarding lounges are disinfected. ​​​​