• Which is the body in charge of resolving claims?
    The body in charge of knowing of, analyzing and investigating claims filed by users is LAP’s General Management and/or the representative designated by it.

  • Which is the term to file a claim?
    Users must file claims within sixty (60) days from the occurrence of the events giving rise to the claim.

  • Which is the telephone number for filing claims?
    The telephone number to obtain information about LAP’s claim filing procedure and to file a claim is (511) 517-2400, which is available from Monday to Tuesday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  • Does the user need to pay the amount in relation to which he/she is filing the claim?
    No, he/she does not need to make any payment.

  • Which evidence must be submitted in the procedure?
    The user can submit every evidence he/she deems pertinent to support his/her claim. In case videos, photographs or others are to be submitted as evidence, they can be sent via e-mail to indicating the name and date of the claim.

  • Which are the requirements to file a claim?
    Claims in writing

    The user must address the claim to the General Management and submit it through any of the channels made available by LAP. The claim must briefly, clearly and accurately state its purpose and the events and arguments supporting it and include the following information:

    • Full name, address (physical or e-mail) and identity document (type and number of document) of the user filing the claim;
    • Identification details of the legal representative, the attorney-in-fact and the attorney, if any.
    • Identification and details of the claim (description of what is requested) and basis of the claim;
    • Evidence supporting the claim: This is an optional requirement for the user. Therefore, failing to submit evidence will not result in the refusal to admit and/or the determination of lack validity of the claim, unless the evidence is substantial to assess the claim.
    • Place, signature or fingerprint of the user filing the claim or of his/her representative and date of the claim;
    • Simple copy of the document evidencing such representation. In case this requirement is not met, the claim will be automatically deemed not filed.

    In any case, the user must meet the requirements detailed in section 10.1 of these Regulations. Likewise, if applicable, the user must attach a simple copy of his/her claim for LAP to acknowledge receipt of the claim by sealing it and returning it to the user, indicating the day and time the claim was filed and the name of LAP’s representative who received it.

    Claims by telephone

    The user must call the telephone number published by LAP in its web page to explain briefly, clearly and accurately the purpose of the claim and the events and arguments supporting it, taking the following into consideration:

    • In case the user acts on behalf of a third party, he/she must expressly state it and deliver to LAP a simple copy of the document evidencing said representation within two (2) days from filing the claim.
    • In case the claim is supported by one or more pieces of evidence, they must be submitted before LAP within that same term.

    In both cases, if the documents mentioned above are not filed, the claim will be automatically deemed not filed

  • Which are the requirements to file an appeal?
    To file an appeal the user must submit a letter addressed to LAP’s General Management in compliance with the relevant requirements and sent via e-mail to and/or within fifteen (15) business days from the notification of our response to the user’s communication.

  • Which are the requirements to file a complaint?
    In any stage of the procedure, the user can file a complaint with OSITRAN’s Court in accordance with the provisions contained in article 158 of the General Administrative Procedure Act. This will not suspend the handling of the corresponding claim procedure.

  • In relation to which services claims can be filed with LAP?
    Services in relation to which claims can be filed are all those directly provided by LAP as the airport operators. The most common are the following:
    • Terminal maintenance and cleanliness.
    • Parking fees or Unified Tariff for Airport Use (TUUA).
    • Damages or losses caused by LAP staff.
    • Delay in the bus service.
    • Services directly rendered by LAP.

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