​Bidding begins for the design and construction of the new passenger terminal

Callao, Perú, Friday 05 February 2021

Lima Airport Partners is moving forward with the Jorge Chávez International Airport Expansion Project. Therefore, we have initiated the tender for the selection of the winning team that will design and build the new passenger terminal, scheduled to be awarded in the third quarter of this year and whose delivery would be contemplated for 2025.

In the midst of the National State of Emergency generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and in a totally uncertain scenario for the aviation sector, with significant delays and cancellations of major airport infrastructure projects worldwide, at LAP we maintain our commitment to move forward with the Expansion Project, initiating a competitive design process that will last approximately 7 months.

The design of the new terminal is based on maximizing the efficient use of the existing infrastructure to respond to the new needs of passengers, airlines and the aviation industry in general.

Likewise, the design has focused on 6 fundamental principles: (a) expandable infrastructure, which will allow the airport to grow as demand changes; (b) efficiency, to maximize current capacity, reducing processes and minimizing connection times; (c) security, through the implementation of biometric solutions and reliable authentication systems; (d) sustainability, aimed at minimizing the energy consumption of the terminal and the services that support its operation; (e) user-friendliness, aimed at optimizing the passenger experience, under an intuitive and simple concept; and finally, (f) a design that will connect with Peru's roots in its architecture, reflecting our rich cultural heritage.

At LAP we reiterate our commitment to provide Peru with a new airport, working to move forward with the Expansion Project, a key element in the economic reactivation of the country as part of the projects prioritized by the Peruvian Government.