Peruvian President supervise works of the Lima Airport's new control tower

Callao, Perú, Thursday 23 July 2020

Continuing with the execution of the Jorge Chávez International Airport Expansion Project, Lima Airport Partners (LAP) presented the progress of the construction works of the new Control Tower to the Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra, and the Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Estremadoyro.

The new Control Tower represents a symbolic milestone in the construction of the New Jorge Chávez, which will allow to operate two runways, optimizing the air traffic control in our country. In May, the works were awarded to the international consortium Wayra, which is made up of the companies Acciona, Ferrovial, and JCC.

The new control tower of 65 meters of height, will be built with reinforced concrete combined with an upper steel structure, a cylindrical shaft with 11 meters of diameter, and a large control cabin will be installed above it, which will meet strict visibility requirements over the airfield.

"It will be the first building to be constructed as part of the Expansion Project. We are committed to moving forward to deliver the new Control Tower to Corpac in 2021 for its implementation and operation. This work is one of the essential components for the operation of the second runway," said Juan José Salmón, CEO of LAP.

The foundation has been completed, and 33 piles have been installed, which will function as a support base for the new control tower. In June, the remediation work on environmental liabilities found in the concession area handed over by the Government was completed. This activity has removed more than 36,500 tons of hazardous waste and more than 33,300 tons of non-hazardous waste.

At the same time, work is being done on the construction of taxiways L3 and L5, which will connect the existing runway with the new airfield. This work is being carried out in night shifts. It includes the construction of aeronautical pavements in the operational area and interventions in the existing runway, as well as the installation of beaconing and maintenance systems for services affected by the works. 

This year it is planned to culminate with the award of all the work packages, corresponding to the "Air Side", which adds up to an approximate investment amount of USD 400 million. In August, the second runway construction will also be awarded, a bidding process that is already underway and is evaluating proposals.

It should be highlighted that the Expansion Project was one of the activities considered in the first phase of Peru's Economic Reactivation Plan. During the National State of Emergency, the project execution advanced remotely, involving national and international companies and a large team of professionals with extensive knowledge in project management. The work was focused on the Land Side conceptual design revisions and the tenders to close the Air Side's awarding processes.

Finally, the New Jorge Chavez will be one of the main engines that will boost the Peruvian economy for the next few years. Therefore, the works programmed for the control tower are added to the gradual return of activities on-site, following the new prevention and biosafety protocols established.