Jorge Chavez International Airport remains closed until the Peruvian State authorizes its opening.
The official date for the reopening of operations depends on the Peruvian State decission. If you need information about your flight please contact your airline.

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Jorge Chavez International Airport: Minister Trujillo inspected progress of the Expansion Project

Callao, Monday 10 February 2020

​As part of his monitoring actions, the head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Edmer Trujillo, made an on-site inspection on the lands of the Expansion Project of the Jorge Chavez International Airport, where he supervised the construction work.

The Minister and his delegation were received by Lima Airport Partner's CEO, Juan José Salmon, and the Director of the Expansion Project, Anton Aramayo, who explained the progress of the construction during the visit. As the first point on the agenda, they visited the water drainage works of the land towards the sea, then passed through the area where the new control tower will be built and finished the tour by visiting one of the main areas of the land, where the advanced aircraft platform will be built. 

"Our next big step, for the next months, will be to start the industrial structures demolition, with the purpose of getting the ground ready for construction. We will continue working just within the established deadlines, according to the construction schedule", explained the Director of the Expansion Project, Anton Aramayo, to Minister Trujillo during his inspection. 

As part of his visit to the airport, the Minister inspected the eight new Aircraft Parking Positions, which are located within the lands of the Peruvian Air Force; space given to the MTC to be assigned as a loan to LAP. This meant an investment in improvements of US$ 2.74 millions for LAP. 

"This new parking positions will be used for domestic flights. This improvement will benefit more than 7,500 passengers a day, between flights of departure and arrival", commented LAP's CEO, Juan José Salmon.

In regards to this, Minister Trujillo declared on his twitter account: "Jorge Chavez International Airport is a priority for the country, so today we supervise the earthworks for the construction of the second runway of this important air terminal". 

LAP reaffirms its commitment to continue working uninterruptedly in the Expansion Project, fulfilling the initial schedule for the delivery; as well as implementing improvements in the current terminal that contribute to maintaining the quality of service to passengers.