Jorge Chavez International Airport will be kept closed throughout the entire quarantine period
The Peruvian government has decreed a state of national emergency, so the airport will be closed for the entire period of isolation and there is no access to the public. For flight rescheduling, please contact the airlines through their website or digital channels.

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Easter: LAP recommendations for passengers before travelling this long weekend

Callao, Perú, Tuesday 16 April 2019

On Easter, a lot of Peruvians get ready to travel either inside or outside the country. For this reason, Lima Airport Partners, operator of Jorge Chávez International Airport, recommends taking into consideration the following tips to travel without any setbacks:

  • ​​​Verify that you count with the necessary documentation. Essential to keep all your documentation on hand. Carry your ID, passport, notarized permission for underage, etc.

  • ​Regarding yellow fever vaccine, in the case of Peruvians traveling to the interior of the country, it is not mandatory to present the vaccination certificate. While, for foreigners traveling to areas of the Peruvian jungle and for all those passengers (domestic and foreign) traveling to Central American countries, Africans, tropical destinations or with a lot of vegetation, it is recommended to get the vaccine. It should be noted that the requirements regarding the proof of vaccination against yellow fever must be confirmed with the consulate of the country of destination​.

  • Arrive early to the airport:
    • ​Domestic flights: 2 hours before your scheduled departure time.
    • International flights: at least 3 hours your scheduled departure time.

  • To get to and/or from Jorge Chávez we recommend always using the transport services authorized by the airport.

  • Do not carry excess baggage. Check your boarding pass, the amount and type of luggage allowed. Remember that this may vary depending on the airline. Also, validate the weight of your luggage, this will help you prevent and avoid overweight charges.

  • Acquire your tickets at authorized counters. Do not accept to buy tickets from non-authorized people or entities.

  • Remember that you can also check-in online, this will help you save time.

  • ​​Check the boarding gate. After doing the check in, it is important that you enter to the departure hall and locate the gate you must enter. It is important that you be cautious, since sometimes the boarding gates can change.

  • Check the list of prohibited objects. If you carry hand luggage, remember that you are not allowed to enter firearms, knives, knives, scissors, scalpel blades, arrows, tacos, bats, etc. In the case of international flights, the entry of containers with more than 100 ml. of products such as: water, soft drinks, liquors, preserves, perfumes, gels and creams is prohibited. Passengers can check baggage restrictions for domestic and international flights here​.​​​

  • ​Take care of your belongings. Never lose sight of your bags, and do not accept to take orders from strangers. Place a badge on your suitcase, this will help you recognize your luggage more easily.