Jorge Chavez International Airport remains closed until the Peruvian State authorizes its opening.
The official date for the reopening of operations depends on the Peruvian State decission. If you need information about your flight please contact your airline.

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Jorge Chávez International Airport’s food court to be refurbished

Callao, Perú, Wednesday 10 April 2019

Committed to keep improving users experience inside the airport, Lima Airport Partners (LAP) informs its passengers and users that the Food Court will enter in a refurbishment process from Wednesday 10th of April, for a period of two months approximately. The remodeling contemplates a total reorganization of the current food court, upgrading the area and improving organization and order. For a greater comfort, seats will be increased in 30% making a total of 555 seats.

In that matter, we would like to point out that the stores located in the food court will be operating on a regular basis, except for the last two weeks of the project (between last week of May and first week of June, approximately) where the whole food court will be closed.

The new Food Court will have a significant impact in the passengers and users experience, with an appropriate space that goes according to its needs and that will allow us to keep ensuring the quality of our service.

From now, we thank your understanding to have a modern and comfortable space to keep sharing with family and friends.