Jorge Chávez International Airport presents its fifth exhibit of peruvian art: “Somos arte, somos Perú” (“We are art, we are Perú”).

Callao, Perú, Wednesday 16 January 2019

​With the objetctive of promoting and spreading peruvian culture among visitors and passengers of Jorge Chávez International Airport, Lima Airport Partners (LAP) y Indigo Gallery will present from Monday 14 of January the art show "Somos arte, somos Perú", a collective exhibition featuring various artist that are looking to enhance contemporary peruvian art.

"Somos arte, somos Perú" reflects the work of different styles and disciplines. This art show is composed of 10 artworks of the talented artists: Joan Alfaro, one of the most important contemporary painters of the Andean culture with a surrealist vision; Erly Almanza, artist of the traditional minimalism that presents the harmonic culturalization between objects and modern instruments with the everyday events of the Andean culture; and Carla Palma, who embraces a large range of artistic experiences from disciplines like abstract painting, ceramic and reinterpreting the personal experiences of the human nature.

Additionally, the famous art studio "Jumping Lomo" will be present, which is looking to leverage the ancient cultures to educate the current generations through the creation of reachable designs that recovers and transmit the millenary symbology and cosmovision. This project is directed by the artists Jieying Li (Guangzhou – China) and Guillermo Fajardo (Lima – Perú). On the other hand, "Origen Peregrino" tributes Peruvian culture. Directed by Gonzalo Espinoza, Aldo Estrada, Hugo Kuroki and Diego Lau, makes a trip around different parts of the country and reinterprets them through their character, el Tama, el tamalito, el peregrino. All these pieces were hand worked by the curator Juan Pablo Zolezzi.

"This year we want to keep adding value to the visitors experience since their arrival or departure through the distribution of our culture and Peruvian art. In this matter, this fourth exhibition will keep encouraging a space to share the diversity that characterizes us, as well as the artistic talent in our country", pointed out Rocío Espinoza, Communications Manager of LAP.

It should be noted that the exhibit will be located at the International Arrivals Hall and will be available until the middle of may.