Tender: LIMFuel program

Callao, Perú, Monday 26 October 2020

​LIMA AIRPORT PARTNERS S.R.L. (LAP), the concessionary for  Jorge Chavez International Airport (AIJC) in Lima-Peru, is leading an expansion program for the airport that includes the design and construction of a new passenger terminal, a second runway, a taxiways system, a new control tower and a new aircraft apron.

As part of the ongoing expansion program, LIMA AIRPORT PARTNERS S.R.L. (LAP) is running the LIMFuel program for the design and construction of a new aviation fueling system to meet the AIJC future demand and new requirements. The LIMFuel program includes a new aviation fuel receiving, storage and distribution facility. As part of this program, the airport will modify the JET A1 fuel supply chain, which will move from tanker trucks to dedicated pipelines. The new fuel transport method proposed for the JET A1 supply chain will allow for a safer and efficient fuel supply to all airlines operating in Lima.

To implement the new fuel system, LIMA AIRPORT PARTNERS S.R.L. (LAP) will release a Private Tender to select an Operator that will design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the new Fuel Farm at Jorge Chavez International Airport (AIJC), for a 20-year period. The selected company will also be responsible to finance, operate and maintain the new airport hydrant fueling system.

Prior to the Tender, LIMA AIRPORT PARTNERS S.R.L. (LAP) will conduct a prequalification process among specialized companies from around the world interested in the Tender. In order to qualify for participation, the potential candidates are required to prove 10 years of experience, as a minimum, operating aviation fueling systems. 

All Companies interested in participating in this Prequalification Process should contact LAP via email to and state their interest to receive the information package.