Press Statement: About the anticipation of arrival at the airport

Callao, Perú, Saturday 18 July 2020

​In reference to the continued presence of groups of elderly adults and children outside the terminal staying overnight to board their flights in the morning hours, Lima Airport Partners (LAP) reports the following:

We remind the public that the airport opens its doors at the end of the curfew (4 a.m.), so we reiterate to passengers that it is not necessary to form queues and/or spend the night outside the airport before the time indicated, in order to avoid exposure to low temperatures.

The entrance to the airport is taking place normally, there is no need to go more than 3 hours in advance.

The vehicle entrance option is available to leave passengers on the road. This entrance has no cost.

We have increased the pedestrian accesses to speed up the flow of passengers. Our accesses for the pedestrian entrance (national flights) to the airport are:

-Door 1: Preferential entrance (people with disabilities, older adults, pregnant women, people with babies and children up to 12 years old).
-Door 2 (vehicle gate): with 2 accesses for passengers in general.

Finally, LAP reaffirms its commitment to work with the entire airport community and competent authorities to offer a safe trip with all the necessary measures.