Economic impact of Jorge Chavez Airport exceeds US $1,400 million in contribution to the Peruvian Economy.

Callao, Perú, Tuesday 16 June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has left severe losses in all sectors of the Peruvian economy; during this process, airport, aeronautics and tourism are the industries that has been hit the hardest by this crisis. These are sectors of great economic impact and generators of several jobs in Peru.

This statement is based on the latest study of Economic Contribution of Jorge Chavez International Airport, carried out by Apoyo Consulting; and which we published today. The Study revealed that in 2019, all the Airport´s activity had an impact of more than US $1.4 billion in value added to the GDP of the Peruvian economy. This grant is equivalent to 86% of the fishing sector´s grant throughout the country. This results have been possible because Jorge Chávez has managed to generate an ecosystem of almost 150 companies and institutions that actively participate in the national economy.

Also, the study indicates that Jorge Chavez airport generated more than 90 thousand total jobs distributed in:  19,000 direct jobs; 50,000 indirect jobs and 22.000 induced jobs.                                                                                                           

This is equivalent to 51% of all formal employment of the Callao region during 2018. As well as its proportional to the double of the direct employment generated by the five largest companies in the country.

For Lima Airport Partners (LAP) general manager, Juan Jose Salmon; Jorge Chavez`s growth not only generates economic contributions beyond his ecosystem, but it also includes its supply chain and the spending of his workers on the economy.  Thus, this growth translates into a higher GDP, a significant job increments and into an increased state revenue and productivity. 

In the other hand, the air connectivity provided by Jorge Chavez promotes activities in other economic sectors such as commerce and tourism, generating investment and productivity in various sectors of the economy: "We are the second most used means of transportation in the country for commerce abroad, having key connections with other countries; and the main gateway to Peru. Jorge Chavez Airport has transported 90% of the value of exports by air," said LAP CEO.

According to the study, the greater air connectivity generated from LAP's investments translates into more than US $ 1.8 billion and 140,000 catalytic impact jobs; that is, it contributes to the development of other sectors in the economy. 58% of foreign tourists entered through Jorge Chavez, who represented a joint expenditure of more than 2 billion dollars.

Furthermore, the air connectivity provides by the Jorge Chavez promote activities in other industries as the commerce and Turismo, foreign investments and productivity in different aspects of economy: "We are the second largest means of transportation in the country for the external trades, because of our key connections with other countries; and also, the point of entry in Peru. The Jorge Chavez Airport has been transported the 90% of the value of the national exports by air", stated LAP CEO.

Finally, for the general manager of LAP, it is important to the State implement and management measures for the sector revival and authorize the restarting operations in the aviation industry. "We are prepared for the recovery of the airport activities when the Government permit. We also have proposed our Operations Restart Plan, with special emphasis on security and health measurements against Covid-19", Juan Jose Salmon added.