Jorge Chavez International Airport will be kept closed throughout the entire quarantine period
The Peruvian government has decreed a state of national emergency, so the airport will be closed for the entire period of isolation and there is no access to the public. For flight rescheduling, please contact the airlines through their website or digital channels.

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Jorge Chavez International Airport will receive almost 3,000 people for the Parapan American Games

Callao, Perú, Thursday 22 August 2019

​As part of the preparations to receive the athletes who will participate in the Parapan American Games, LAP along with the main airport entities - airlines, government entities, DGAC and airport services - designed an action plan and conducted various simulations in order to optimize the flow of passengers quickly and safely.  Thus, passengers arriving for this sporting event will be able to use a special route designed for them.

Also, taking into account that it is expected that about 800 athletes will arrive in wheelchairs, the airport has 73 ramps located in the main accesses of the terminal. In addition to this, to ensure their safety, LAP has provided 08 elevators for those athletes who have wheelchairs can be transported without any inconvenience, as well as the incorporation of airport guides and volunteers who will be available to athletes.

On the other hand, last July, more than 18,000 people arrived in the country for the Pan American Games, including athletes, companions and staff. In this context, more than 29 flights were received with 279 equines that would participate in the competitions in the Peruvian Army Equestrian Track, in addition to having registered around 1,800 suitcases only in the remote check in.

It is worth mentioning that, compared to July 2018, this year the air terminal received an additional 8% of passengers from international arrivals, which was largely influenced by the arrival of athletes and tourists for the games.