Important: Temporary closure of the Food Court due to remodeling

Callao, Perú, Monday 03 June 2019

We inform all users and passengers of the Jorge Chávez International Airport that, due to the last stage of the remodeling of the Food Court, the whole area will be closed from Tuesday 04/06, starting at 00:00.

This closing, which will have a maximum term of 13 calendar days, will cover the following locations: Pardos Chicken, McDonalds, KFC, La Lucha, China Wok and Papa Johns.

We remind users that the new Food Court will have a significant impact on the experience of passengers and users with spaces conditioned to their needs that will allow us to continue guaranteeing the quality of the service.

We already appreciate your understanding to have a more comfortable and modern place where you can continue to share with family and friends.