Live the experience

Let yourself be surprised by Perú

We have diverse activities to make your stay at Jorge Chávez an experience. Cultural spaces that seek to bring you closer to Peru


Take Peru with you

During Fiestas Patrias 2022 "El Detector de Peruanidad" was installed at Jorge Chávez Airport. This device created a totally fun and different experience that allowed travelers to recharge with Peruvian pride and take Peru with them wherever they go with everything that characterizes us.

Colorful Journey

Lima's urban art is reflected in our airport. In a context where artists have been hit hard by the pandemic, LAP promotes culture through the participation of mural artists such as Mekilu, Conrad Flores, Pésimo and Nemo who were part of this beautiful project. The murals reflect diverse themes and Peruvian symbolism. Visit it! Go to the north pedestrian entrance.

Control tower mapping

For the 20th anniversary of LAP operating Jorge Chávez International Airport, we held an unprecedented event, illuminating the future new Control Tower with an audiovisual projection (Video Mapping) full of Peruvian identity and culture that was transmitted by different digital media. The event was attended by high authorities of the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications. Relive the experience by watching the video!

National holidays

As part of the tradition of Fiestas Patrias in Peru, every July 28th we hold a parade full of dance and color that showcases the best of the music and dance of the three regions of our country. In this way, all Jorge Chavez passengers and users can be part of the Peruvian experience during the National Independence Celebrations.

Fiestas patrias

El Vuelo

Buscamos ser un aeropuerto para todos. Una manera de mostrar la diversidad es a través del arte, por eso para el 22 aniversario de LAP implementamos el proyecto “El Vuelo: alas de esperanza” de Elliot Tupac que tiene como punto de inicio el aeropuerto como punto de encuentro donde convergen diversas culturas. Te invitamos a conocer más.