Los Portales Estacionamientos to manage parking lots at the new terminal of Jorge Chávez International Airport

Lima, October 04, 2023- The company Los Portales Estacionamientos company won the bidding process for the administration, operation and collection of parking lots at the new terminal of the Jorge Chávez International Airport for an eight-year period. The operating company plans to invest nearly USD 1.5 million in PMS equipment, and an additional USD 3.5 million in infrastructure upgrades.

"At Los Portales Estacionamientos, we deeply appreciate the trust LAP has vested in us to manage the parking lots for the Jorge Chavez Airport expansion. We embrace this responsibility with unwavering commitment. Our goal is to lead innovation through technology, ensuring a top-tier service for the travelers utilizing the nation’s primary airport,", said Fernando Gómez, General Manager of Los Portales Estacionamientos.

The award, granted by the concessionaire Lima Airport Partners (LAP), also encompasses the implementation of Parking Management System (PMS) technology and equipment for parking and access roads to the new infrastructure.

"We proudly celebrate this significant award, placing our trust in the extensive expertise and capabilities of Los Portales Estacionamientos. Our objective is to offer our passengers and users a parking service that is not only satisfactory but also secure, incorporating technology to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional service quality at the new Lima Airport. Through this alliance, LAP reaffirms its unwavering commitment to furthering the development of top-tier infrastructure, elevating the standards of the Peruvian aviation industry,", said Norbert Onkelbach, Commercial Manager of Lima Airport Partners.

Since 2007, Los Portales Estacionamientos has been responsible for managing the existing parking lot at Jorge Chavez Airport. In 2020, the company introduced the Apparka application at the airport, allowing terminal users to conveniently pay for parking using their mobile phones, avoiding queues and the need for cash.

At last, the General Manager of the operating company stated,"We are committed to continuing on the same course with the new parking lots. At Los Portales Estacionamientos, our objective is to construct intelligent parking spaces, incorporating a technological approach that elevates Jorge Chávez Airport to the standards of the world’s largest terminals."

About Lima Airport Partners (LAP)

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is the private operator of Jorge Chávez International Airport. LAP's partnership structure comprises Fraport AG, known for its operation of Frankfurt Airport and other major airports worldwide, along with the International Finance Corporation, a subsidiary of the World Bank, holding a 19.99% stake, solidifying its position as a leading international institution for private sector development. As of July 2023, LAP has invested USD 1.529 billion in airport improvements and modernization and has provided USD 3.162 billion to the Peruvian State for transfers and taxes under the Concession Agreement over the past 22 years.

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