Lima Airport Partners implements device to measure Peruvian citizenship before and after visiting Peru during Fiestas Patrias

Lima, August 5, 2022:
The campaign: "Take Peru with you" that was developed at Jorge Chávez Airport together with the agency Why Not? generated a unique and interactive experience for its passengers during the Fiestas Patrias. Through a scanner called "The Peruvianness Detector", the levels of Peruvian identity and pride of each of the passengers who boarded the plane during the holidays were measured.

Every day thousands of travelers pass through our airport, many of them stay with the desire to learn more about Peru and others are always looking to know in depth all the wealth that our country has, even the Peruvians themselves. In this context, the idea arose to take advantage of the opportunity to bring Peru to travelers. The campaign was carried out for 10 days at Jorge Chavez airport, reaching more than two thousand passengers between domestic and international departures.

"El Detector de Peruanidad" created a totally fun and different experience that allowed travelers to recharge their Peruvian pride and take Peru with them wherever they go with everything that characterizes us. The experiences that were generated were diverse: from enjoying and dancing our typical dances to the opportunity to enjoy our 100% Peruvian products inside Jorge Chávez, we seek to positively impact as many travelers as possible by giving them a little bit of what Peru has to offer," said Emilio Parada, Commercial Strategy and Marketing Manager at LAP.

This activation, which took place in different areas of Jorge Chávez, was possible thanks to important brands that helped make this campaign a reality, such as Pardo's Chicken, La Nacional, Britt Shop, Aelia Duty Free, Huerta & Goischke, Xplora, CLA, Starbucks, Ilaria, Renzo Costa, Sol Alpaca, La Bombonniere and Bleriot. The Campaign lived on social networks and generated a great impact, thousands of people participated and joined to be part of this incredible idea.

Undoubtedly a great way to celebrate our Peruvianness, filling the airport with pride, smiles and a lot of joy with that Peruvian touch that characterizes us and makes our hearts beat; at LAP we will continue working to create unique, simple and efficient experiences for all our passengers; said Parada.

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