The best of Peruvian gastronomy at the New Lima Airport

  • The New Lima Airport promises to be a culinary destination that will revalue Peruvian gastronomy, under a commercial offering perfectly designed to create unique experiences hand in hand with renowned chefs such as Gastón Acurio, Mitsuharu Tsumura "Micha", Jaime Pesaque, José del Castillo, Coque Ossio, among others leading luminaries.
  • International and domestic passengers will be able to experience a true culinary journey with the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine. This new offering will be available with the opening of the new terminal in January 2025 and includes two expansive Food Halls, an iconic Bar inspired by the mineral richness of Perú, and renowned restaurants.


The New Lima Airport not only aims to become one of the most emblematic projects in the transport sector due to its modern and extensive airport infrastructure that will connect Perú with the world, but also seeks to stand out as the first airport in Latin America to offer an iconic gastronomic experience, bringing together renowned exponents of Peruvian gastronomy, distinguished chefs such as Gastón Acurio, Mitsuharu Tsumura "Micha", Jaime Pesaque, José del Castillo, Coque Ossio, among others.


The new food and beverage offering will be developed in over 8,000 m2. To date, three packages have already been awarded to international and local gastronomic operators, two Food Halls, emblematic restaurants, and a privileged runway-view-Bar, operated by the Peruvian groups Acurio Restaurantes, Retail Services and the French group Lagardère Travel Retail.


“At LAP, we are committed to bringing a unique commercial offering that position the passenger at the center, promoting a memorable experience at the airport (LIM). Author’s cuisine is the basis of our proposal, in this way our airport becomes a gastronomic platform for all tastes. We bring to the thousands of passengers and users a gastronomic offering that aims to be more local, while not neglecting international concepts,” says Lucio Benavente, Retail and Experience Manager at Lima Airport Partners (LAP).

To materialize this project, LAP launched a competitive selection process, merging the expertise of international and local travel retail operators with the Peruvian culinary talent. “Operating at an airport involves confronting rigorous operational challenges inherent to the nature of airport operations. Furthermore, in our selection of commercial partners, we have placed value on the implementation of best practices in sustainability and innovation,” remarked Benavente.

First Package: Lagàrdere Travel Retail


The Lagardère Travel Retail team in Latin America has successfully secured partnerships with renowned chefs, aligning with Peru’s recent culinary recognition on the international stage. Some of the prominent chefs and concepts to be featured in the new terminal include:


  • Sakai: from the renowned chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, 1st place in Latin America and 6th in the ranking of the 50 best restaurants (The World’s Best Restaurant 2023). Sakai is the concept specially designed for the airport, along with his Tori BBQ chicken chain.


*Lagardère Travel Retail gastronomic concept


  • Callao: the success of Callao concept in Europe by Jaime Pesaque, ranked 10th in Latin America and 47th in the ranking of the 50 best restaurants with his creation Mayta. 


*Lagardère Travel Retail gastronomic concept


  • Las Reyes: José del Castillo presents a sister concept of the famous restaurant Isolina, focused on Creole cuisine.
  • La Lucha: a well-known local sandwich shop with renowned Peruvian flavors, belonging to the gastronomic group creator of 7 Sopas.
  • KO: a unique Asian fusion concept that mixes flavors from various countries of the continent, from the renowned Peruvian gastronomic group MCK, creator of Carnaval and Osaka.
  • Burger Boy: Javier Miyasato is the mind behind “Burger Boy”, concept winner of the award for the best burger in Peru 2023.
  • Puku Puku: Peruvian brand of socially and environmentally responsible coffee, which unites several local coffee producers in a common cause.
  • Pan Sal Aire: Created by chef Jerónimo Aliagas, this concept revolves around sourdough bakery, including bread, pizza, and pastries.


Second Package: Grupo Acurio


The Acurio Group will develop a Food Hall called “Lima Mundial”, featuring its renowned brands and concepts designed with airport passengers in mind, creating an atmosphere that exalts Peruvian identity. 


  • Papacho’s: gourmet burger joint with a Peruvian flavor based on a proposal of artisanal cuisine.
  • El Bodegón: his classic Lima tavern.
  • Sakamoto: Nikkei concept created by Gastón for the airport.
  • Curatodo: Lima Street food concept for any time of the day, where you can find leche de tigre (tiger’s milk: a citrus-based marinade), salchipapas (fries and sausages topped with sauces), broths and more.
  • Habla Broster: celebrates the Peruvian taste for chicken in all its varieties and its sauces.


Additionally, Acurio will be delighted to introduce a new express format Tanta Café and a new concept with fresh products, Papita Deli which represents Lima, the city of a thousand flavors and cravings, where you will also find a wide variety of sandwiches, causitas (layered Peruvian potato dish), tamales, and others to enjoy.


*Grupo Acurio gastronomic concept


Third Package: Retail Services


The Peruvian gastronomic group will introduce the first iconic bar, “Copper”, at the New Jorge Chávez, where you can enjoy a varied menu of appetizers and snacks alongside a Peruvian cocktail bar with authentic products, as well as international cocktails with a privileged runway-view.


Additionally, it presents an emblematic version of “La Bonbonniere”, a Peruvian-French fusion restaurant offering us a renewed and fresh experience.


*Retail Services gastronomic concept


About Lima Airport Partners (LAP)
Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is the private operator of Jorge Chávez International Airport. LAP's partnership structure comprises: Fraport AG, which operates Frankfurt Airport and approximately 30 major airports worldwide, holds an 80.01% stake; and the International Finance Corporation - a member of the World Bank Group - the largest international development institution for the private sector, holds a 19.99% stake. As of October 2023, LAP has invested USD1.702 billion in airport improvements and modernization, and has contributed USD3.219 million to the Peruvian government through concession payments and taxes over the last 23 years under the Concession Agreement.

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