MALI and LAP will incorporate the concept of peruvian identity in the New Jorge Chavez

  • As the main entry to our nation, the new terminal will showcase artistic masterpieces that are iconic of Peruvian culture, reimagined with a touch of modernity and contemporaneity, offering passengers a glimpse into our rich cultural heritage.
  • Through this initiative, the aim is to broadcast Peruvian identity and simultaneously boost the talent of national artists, transforming Jorge Chavez Airport into a cultural platform that brings art within reach of every airport visitor.


Lima Airport Partners (LAP) and Museo de Arte de Lima (Lima Museum of Art - MALI) have signed a significant agreement to encourage and promote Peruvian art and culture to all passengers and users who pass through the new Jorge Chávez International Airport. This initiative is designed to provide passengers with a rich immersion in both traditional and contemporary Peruvian culture during their stay at the new terminal.


"At LAP we celebrate this significant agreement with MALI, as it enables us to promote and showcase Peruvian culture at the new Jorge Chavez Airport. Our domestic and foreign passengers visiting the new terminal will carry with them a piece of Peru, embodied in the art expressed throughout the airport. Moreover, this agreement enhances the value of our country, making it shine brightly not only for Peruvians but also on the global stage," said Norbert Onkelbach, Chief Commercial Officer of LAP.


As part of this agreement, MALI will provide advice and curatorial services under a cultural, artistic, and Peruvian identity concept, aimed at experiencing the "sense of place" in the spaces of the new terminal. Recognizable icons of Peruvian culture will be used for this purpose, but reinterpreted with a touch of modernity, contemporaneity, thinking of a unique experience that passengers can take away and share on their social networks. It should be noted that art pieces such as sculptures will be primarily created by Peruvian artists from various regions of the country.


"The collaboration with Lima Airport Partners stands as one of the most significant alliances established by MALI in recent years. Not only does it afford us the extensive dissemination, to both local and international audiences, of the rich expressions of Peruvian art created throughout the ages and housed within our institution; but it also allows us to support LAP’s project in promoting recent artistic creation with a focus anchored in local identity. We embark on this new alliance with immense excitement and enthusiasm, confident in its vast potential,” stated Sharon Lerner, the Director of MALI.


On their part, MALI will advise LAP on how to address these cultural trends in order to effectively incorporate them into the passenger experience at the Jorge Chavez airport. Furthermore, it will propose national artists who will intervene in the spaces of the new terminal, contribute curatorial expertise and artworks for the current and future protocol lounge, among other areas of the new airport.


Finally, as part of LAP's proposal for the operation in the new terminal, the goal is to transform the Jorge Chavez International Airport into a space where one can breathe Peruvian identity and experience the cultural richness that Peru offers.


About the Museo de Arte de Lima (Lima Museum of Art - MALI)

Since opening its doors in 1961, MALI has been fulfilling its mission to preserve and develop its collections, expanding access to a diverse range of audiences, thereby contributing to the education of informed citizens. MALI provides a comprehensive overview of Peruvian art throughout different historical periods. In recent years, the museum has undergone transformation, renovation and revitalization of its galleries, creating new content and enhancing public spaces. Today, the museum houses the most significant collection of Peruvian art, encompassing over 3,000 years of history from pre-Columbian period to the present. It has evolved into a hub for gathering, innovation, and inclusion. In 1955, the Municipality of Lima granted the Palacio de la Exposición (Exhibition Palace) to the Patronato de las Artes (Board of Arts) on loan, establishing what is now the Museo de Arte de Lima (Lima Museum of Art).


About Lima Airport Partners (LAP)

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is the private operator of Jorge Chavez International Airport. LAP's partner structure is as follows: Fraport AG., which operates Frankfurt Airport and other major airports around the world; and the International Finance Corporation – belonging to the World Bank with 19.99% financial representation – positioning itself as the largest international private sector development institution. As of July 2023, LAP has invested USD1,529 million in improvements and modernization of the airport and has delivered USD3,162 million to the Peruvian State in transfers and taxes under the Concession Agreement over the last 22 years.

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