Faucett Ave. detour from 4/29 onwards

Callao, Peru, Tuesday 26 April 2022

On Friday, April 29, the last vehicle detour plan will be implemented on Elmer Faucett Avenue, in order to conclude with the relocation works of drinking water and sewage networks. The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and the Urban Transport Authority (ATU) inform that these works will last 25 days and are necessary to make way for Line 2 Branch 4 of the Lima and Callao Subway.

According to the detour plan, authorized by the Provincial Municipality of Callao, public and private transportation vehicles heading towards Ventanilla through Elmer Faucett Avenue, must detour their route through Quilca, Perú and Tomás Valle Avenues until returning to Elmer Faucett, at the main entrance to Jorge Chávez International Airport.
The aforementioned roads are marked with the corresponding vertical signage in order to guide drivers. Likewise, there will be police support, inspectors and counselors to facilitate and guarantee the flow of vehicles.
It should be noted that in the north-south direction of Faucett Avenue towards the district of San Miguel, there will be a diversion of vehicular traffic on the main road from the Aduanas bus stop to Lima Cargo City, it should be noted that the auxiliary road in this direction (north-south) will not be affected.

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