National Arrivals

Baggage claim

Check the screens for the carrousel assigned to your flight. Show your baggage ticket to the airline.

Make sure the number on your baggage ticket from the airline at the airport of origin matches the one on the baggage you are taking. Customs checks are random. There is more information at

If you have a national connection, you must still claim your baggage and then drop if off at your airline’s check-in counter located in the first level of the terminal after passing customs checkpoint.

Your baggage may be checked by the authorities from the National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA for its acronym in Spanish), a decentralized public organism with the Ministry of Agriculture which oversees taking the necessary actions to ensure the sustainability of natural renewable resources, to safeguard the conservation of sustainable rural environmental management and wild biodiversity. This entity emits authorizations (export permits, re-export and import, internal transport permits for wildlife, among others). For more information, please call 511-5171850, e-mail or visit

For your safety, use the authorized taxi services at the airport or you can also rent a car.