Condittions of use

Conditions of use of the parking lot of AIJC:

  • For Short and Long-stay parking lots: Allowed for vehicles with a height equal to or less than 2.2m

  • For Bus parking: Allowed for vehicles taller than 2.2m

  • Users have 15 minutes of tolerance to leave the parking lot, after having paid the ticket.

The following activities are prohibited in the AIJC parking lot(*):

  • Harass* or physically and/or verbally assault passengers, personnel from the parking lot operating company, AIJC security personnel and in general any user, authority or operating personnel within the AIJC parking lot.

  • Obstruct, with the vehicle or with any other means, pedestrian traffic from or to the passenger terminal.

  • Parking the vehicle in unauthorized areas; taking up more than one parking space.

  • Occupy spaces intended for users with reduced capacity when there is no such condition.

  • Use the spaces in the AIJC parking lot for any purpose other than parking vehicles.

  • Offer the taxi or passenger transport service out loud, directly or through third parties (“jaladores”) in the parking lot or in areas surrounding it, within the AIJC.

  • Offer in the parking lot any service or product not authorized by LAP.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages or drugs in the parking lot.

(*) For the purposes of applying these rules, harassment is understood to be actions such as deliberately invading the passenger's personal space, hindering their passage to offer services or for any other purpose, making contact with their luggage or belongings, without their consent. of the passenger, among others.

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) will apply a penalty to users who violate these provisions. Find more details of the penalty by clicking here.

General conditions and rules for the use of the parking lot at the Jorge Chávez International Airport. Approved by Resolución de Consejo Directivo N° 0004-2023-CD-OSITRAN dated January 23, 2023, and modified by Resolución N° 044-2023-CD-OSITRAN dated October 5, 2023.

Find out the details here.

Extension of the date of validity of the General Conditions and rules for the use of the parking lot at the Jorge Chávez International Airport N° 0052-2023-PD-OSITRAN. Valid on February 1, 2024: Learn about it here.