Corporate events

Corporate events

For other types of events, we offer other business possibilities, such as such as:

For the purpose of filming commercials, videos, short films, TV series, movies, and/or documentaries at the airport's facilities of the airport, we offer various alternatives according to the requirements of each client and within the airport policies. airport policies.

Jorge Chavez International Airport is also an excellent option for taking excellent option for taking photographs for commercial or advertising commercial or advertising purposes.
To carry out statistical studies on tourism services and other related topics, the related topics, Jorge Chavez International Airport is one of the best primary Chavez International Airport is one of the best primary sources of information. Surveys can be carried out in different areas of the Airport according to the needs of each client.
We offer the option of renting a reporting module at the International Arrivals International Arrivals Area (inside the Ground Transportation Center). Ground Transportation Center). This module can be rented per day or fraction of a day and its main and its main purpose is to provide information or orientation to participants of events arriving to our country.

If you are already a LAP supplier and have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email to:

For any of these requirements, please contact Jessica Bernal, from Commercial Services, at the following e-mail address